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Workplace Dilemma 101 How To Get Organized

Being organized at work means a lot of things. You need to be organized with your desk, your filing cabinets and even with your computer. If you are not organized at work it does not give a good impression with your boss, your friends and your colleagues at work. It's not really a hard task. Here are some tips to get you started.

Create a short term goal. Don't just tell yourself that you want your workplace to be organized. It takes a lot of work and it is almost impossible to be organized that quickly. You might want to set some goals such as organizing your files in alphabetical order. This will get the job done quicker and you will have one less task to do once you've completed it.

The first thing to do is to remove all your junk. Pick out what you can keep and what you can throw out. You'll notice that some stuff is just gathering dust. Don't be too attached to your things that even if you don't need them at work you're still holding onto them. Throw out what you clearly can't use.

Once you've separated what to keep and what to throw out, it's time to classify those things you want to keep. Important things should always keep within an arms reach or at least only a drawer away. This will help you reduce time looking for something you need in a hurry.

Organize your computer files. An efficient way is to divide them by dates they were created. Then perhaps create a separate folder for each file. Delete all unwanted files and organize what is important. Having your computer files organized will help you with finding a needed document and again saving you time. Do the same thing with your printed files. File them in a cabinet in exactly the same way you organize your files from your computer.

Always keep a list of things to do. A quick glance with your planner should be all you need to remember that you have a meeting at 10:00 and have to meet some client at 2:00. This will help you be more punctual with every meeting.

You should always be on the go. Remember, keeping a list means you have to do something. If you can't keep up with your list, then what's the use of your list? Always be alert and never waste your time and you'll be sure to get the promotion the next time around.


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