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Being An Entrepreneur As A Teen

Summer days literally means dry days for teens. Being out of school means being out of the allowance roster, reason why teens engage and consider getting summer jobs.

For those too young to be employed are most affected. That's why come spring time, teens scheming for a summer businesses takes place.

Here is a list of small business ideas.

1. Lawn-mowing Services. Grown people sometimes are too tired to mow their own lawn and are happy enough to rid of the heavy work. If the price is right and their yard looks like it has received a lot of TLC, repeat customers are likely to be at hand.

2. Baby-sitting Services. This is a service that never fails. Most working moms and dads would really appreciate this help, specially for those who have home businesses themselves.

3. Semi Day Care Center Services. Teens, with the permission of their parents (and help from some friends), can make their homes a day care center. Imagine the convenience of having to stay home and earning dollars for a few hours.

4. Car Wash Services. People would find it more comfortable to be home and have service come right into their doorstep to wash their cars and be given the service-with-a-smile advantage.

5. Techy Services. Teens are literally whizzes when it comes to computers and it is an advantage. Many people need help with various works such as burning CD's, converting tapes to DVD formats or even putting up a web site.

6. Pet Grooming Services. Pet lovers can now take advantage of their interest and earn money by walking dogs, grooming or sitting. The local vet may have ideas as to who needs these services.

It is an important reminder that in any endeavor, the teens must consider their safety with the chosen business. It is also wise to make sure that it is done legally, or if any license or permit is needed. They must also know the basics of setting a business for them to know how to charge properly for their service rendered. And of course, advertise; flyers and word of mouth is sufficient.

Like the adults, teens should also assess themselves as to which activity interests them. Doing yard work isn't exactly every teen's cup of tea. Talent is also something that can be taken into consideration. Those that do what they like at their most convenient time will last longer.

Earning some green isn't the only valuable thing that teen business ideas has to offer. The likelihood of learning people skills, time management, business and financial skills are high. Experimenting with work at a young age leads to a successful future.


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