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A columnist have a very difficult task because, in general, the best columnist articles are those that throw a stone in a bush and caused a lot of havoc, for and against such idea, concept or statement.

Where a writer or journalist can normally rely on the concept that it's either fiction or proven facts behind their writings the columnist write about his/her own point of view and observations.

Obviously this placed such columnist in the direct line of fire and it's therefore necessary to rethink and rewrite everything very carefully before the final article is ready for placement.

On the other hand can a few well-written, havoc-causing articles be the best and fastest way to make name as writer or journalist where a very huge group of people will either love you or hate you for your specific point of view.

It's a nice, hot and difficult task to write columnist articles and we looking for arrangements with a few aspirant journalists and writers to manage our columnist section on our behalf.


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