About Us

This system is really unique and is nowhere else available and the most important goal of this system is enable you to build a MARKETING website to promote online.

Content is KING - Content is the currency of the internet - Content is Marketing Power.

  • Do you care how the ABSA or News or Google website looks? No. Your only interest is in the CONTENT of these websites
  • Media groups get their income from advertising (you) but they earn their money from content such as news, articles, information, photos etc

The goal of this system is to help you to build your own content rich website

  • The more content, news, articles, information etc about your products or services, the more will people recognise you as an expert in your field
  • The more unique content the higher the search engine ranking and more visitors to your website.
  • The more visitors, the more potential clients and income.

The secondary goal of the system is establish an alternative internet marketing group

  • The internet and content is first and foremost a numbers game and standalone websites struggle therefore very much
  • By integrating ALL websites into one huge website marketing group one hand wash each other to the benefit of everybody.

The slogan of SA Internet News Group cc is Its Your Group and that say it all but it all depends on each client to build their OWN content rich website so that we can then do the rest to promote your website and the group to the benefit of everybody.