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How To Plan A Slumber Party For Your Teens

Planning a slumber party for your teens can be hard work but exciting, as soon as you get started with the right idea and know exactly what to do. Here are some helpful hints:

1. The slumber guest list. Talk with your teenager who she wants to invite for her slumber party, taking into consideration the size of your home and more importantly, the size of her bedroom or their sleeping area.

2. The slumber party invitation. Help your teenager think what kind of party she wants; help her decide on a theme. You both can check out the internet on party themes and suggestions. After she has made up her mind, then lend a hand with the invitations, making certain that it goes with her theme.

3. Prepare the sleeping quarters. Make sure that there are enough sleeping bags or mattresses on the floor with clean sheets for all the guests and do make certain that each is very comfortable. Provide lots of blankets, pillows and stuffed animals (for them to hug at night).

Place on top of each a set of bath essentials (towel, soap, shampoo, cologne, etc.) all put together in a pretty basket. This, the guest can take home as give-aways.

Provide lots of fashion and gossip magazines and board games such as pictionary, millionaire's game or scrabble as well.

You can also provide each guest with a cute bedroom sleeper and have them take these home as party give-aways as well.

4. Prepare the bathroom. Make sure to clean it well and arrange it in a way that it is pleasing to the eyes of teens. Create a mini spa effect with lots of scented candles and potpourri, beauty magazines, body and facial scrubs and sprinkle the floor with rose petals.

Make sure to provide lots of extra rolls of toilet paper, too.

5. Prepare the living room. Turn your living room into a mini theater. Rent horror DVD's and place large throw pillows on the floor for additional seating. Cover the windows with black paper and close the blinds to make the room appear as dark as possible.

Serve lots of popcorn, chips and dip with cold canned cola for an evening of horror movie showing.

6. Plan breakfast. The following morning, serve the tired teens breakfast in the yard; lots of orange juice, cereals, bread, fruits, hot cakes, eggs and bacon.

7. Watch them enjoy and congratulate yourself and your teenager for a successful slumber party!


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